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We here at Customized Home Plans want to
help homeowners or future homeowners
design the home of their dreams
See your design before you build
We work with each client closely to insure their
needs and wishes are met. Our plans reflect all
necessary details to communicate any special
design areas so that each client and/or their builder
are informed. No detail is to small. No idea is to big!
Home design is our passion
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There are no surprises with
Customized Home Plans.

You will know exactly what
your plans will cost up front.

All custom home plans are
priced at $0.65 per sq ft
under roof.

Your home plans will
include everything that your
builder needs for

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Why do you need a set of home plans?
3D Walk-Thru!
Now offering full 3D
Walk-thru files that enable
you to literally "fly"
through your home before
you build!
  1. A detailed set of professionally designed
    plans is your insurance that your house will
    turn out the way you want it.
  2. Gives you and/or your builder a clear map
    of how everything will work
  3. Insures structural soundness and design
  4. Streamlines the bidding process by
    eliminating surprises
  5. Reduces the cost of building by reducing
    the amount of change orders with the
  6. Most cities, counties, towns, and banks
    require a detailed set of plans
  7. Peace of mind

Our home plans meet all of these expectations.
From scratch home design
Have an idea?

Let us start you on
the road to your
dream home today!
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