Informative home design process
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We design your home with you in mind
Know exactly how the design process works.
Step 1>        You and the designer sign a contract
agreeing to complete the design and construction
drawings of your future home. A deposit of half the
estimated cost of completion is charged to begin
the process.
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Step 2>        You and the designer have an initial
phone consultation to determine what your design
needs are. You submit any materials in the form of
sketches, photos, ideas, etc. by email, fax, or

Step 3>        We produce for you a preliminary
design in PDF format based on your needs and
ideas and submit it to you for review. We will
produce multiple 3D views for you to better visualize
the design as it unfolds.      
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Step 4>        We have consultations as required to
fully meet your wishes in the design. As many
changes as are needed are included. You are not
charged for extra changes. We submit revised PDF
proofs to you as needed.

Step 5>        Final design is approved by you. We
move to the structural drawing stage. We will
produce the details needed for construction. You
will be mailed one (1) full sized 24 x 36 reproducible
paper copy  AND a full sized electronic PDF file.
Additional copies available for $4.00 per sheet.

Step 6>        You submit final payment. We
immediately mail your sets to you (free shipping).
You are now on your way to building the home of
your dreams.

Our service does not stop there. We want you to
know that we are here to assist you with any
questions you may have about your plans during
the construction of your home.

We hope to hear from you soon.
Custom detail in every design
We do not charge extra for
multiple changes. We want
you to be pleased with the
design of your home and
this may take several
revisions to get it just right.

You will know your total
cost up front; no surprises.
Your home plans will cost
$0.65 per sq ft living space.

Living space is defined as
all heated area in the home.

All areas of the home are
included in the design, only
the living sq ft is used to
calculate the cost.

3D Walk-Thru!
Now offering full 3D
Walk-thru files that enable
you to literally "fly"
through your home before
you build!
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