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What do we mean by "From Scratch"?

"From Scratch" simply means that we can design a home from ANYTHING. We can
start with an idea or just a list of needs and requirements that will meet your lifestyle.
We specialize in creating a home plan for you that is completely custom tailored. We
put all necessary aspects into the equation. We design every detail into your plan
including storage space, view capturing, noise control, traffic patterns, room size
requirements, kitchen optimization, style integrity, structural soundness, economy, and
much more.

We use our 15 years of home design experience to create a design you are sure to
enjoy to the fullest.

Do not know if you should have a designer?

Please consider the following:

1. A custom home designer fits all your needs and wants into the size and style of
home you desire

2. A designer makes sure nothing is left out of the plan

3. A designer optimizes usable space

4. A designer maximizes energy efficiency in the home

5. A designer proportions and accents the home in the style of your choice to be as
attractive as possible

6. A designer insures structural integrity in the home

7. A designer makes construction clear for the builder

8. A designer is knowledgeable upon all points of resale

9. A custom home designer produces for you a personalized plan that can be found
nowhere else in the world.

Every exclusive plan produced by Customized Home Plans is the work of our chief
Will Roberts. As your personal designer he pledges to exercise all his
capacities of experience and expertise to incorporate all the above points into your
custom home.

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