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“I have a passion for designing individualized homes.”

The most fascinating thing about a custom home is that it is a reflection of those who live
in it. What makes each custom home so vastly different from another is the diversity of
homeowners. This is what makes my job so exciting. Though many houses are similar to
others I have never designed the same plan twice. At the same time I am helping folks
create a luxurious retreat home I am helping a builder save a few bucks on a starter
home. I like that.

As I design I do not promote my personal agenda in order to show off architectural
prowess. My clients are individuals with priorities. These priorities must be met. I have a
passion for designing individualized homes. I love to see the dreams people have for
their home incorporated into their plan, revised until it is perfect for them and ultimately
built on their land.

I work with a wide array of clients all across the nation and each one receives the same
quality design experience. I am committed to working with each individual homeowner or
builder on a one-on-one basis to sensitively design a home that is attractive and easy to
live in. I want my clients to know exactly what they are getting. I know how difficult it is
sometimes to visualize the plan so I make sure the drawing is understandable by giving
multiple 3D views while fully explaining each area of the house throughout the design
process. I am not finished until they are completely satisfied.

With 15 years of professional home design experience and an extensive knowledge of
the building trade I know what works and what it costs, always keeping in mind the best
way of constructing every part of the house. I believe it is the designer’s responsibility to
equally balance creativity and practicality.

I don’t want homeowners making do with something, regretting something or wishing
they had something else. Make your requests. Let’s put it in the drawing – every bit of it
– and then you’ll have that house you always dreamed of.

Some day children’s feet will patter down the hall of your new home. A special occasion
will be celebrated at the dining room table. Friends and family will laugh. You’ll enjoy a
good book in your favorite corner and light will pour through the windows you now only
see on paper. Some day a shining pair of keys will be laid in your hands! Your dream is
almost a reality. Please allow me to get you there!

– Will Roberts*

The design process of every project at Customized Home Plans is conducted by our
chief designer, Will Roberts. He gives each customer personal attention from start to

All computer animated architectural renderings on this website are the exclusive work of
Will Roberts for the purpose of illustration.

* Will Roberts is founder and owner of Customized Home Plans
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